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Italy To Fix Economy By Cutting Back On Five-Day Weekends

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The Italian government announced spending cuts and tax increases, including 5% and 10% surtaxes on income above €90,000 and €150,000 respectively, to address concerns about Italy's budget deficits. The tax increases are rough and all but they have nothing on this:

Additional measures include a rule ensuring that non-religious public holidays, such as the June 2 anniversary of the founding of the Italian Republic, are celebrated on a Sunday to increase the number of working days in a year.

Very harsh. Even the Germans have weekday public holidays (er, one).

Fortunately, cooler heads have prevailed, and now it seems that the Italian government won't be increasing the number of work days. They just want you to try to show up on those days. From Corriere della Sera (in somewhat cleaned up Google-translate form):

As for midweek non-religious holidays, they will be moved to Monday. So they will not be made ​​to fall on a Sunday, as originally planned, but will be attached to the weekends to avoid the "bridges," considered detrimental to the productivity of firms.

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