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Layoffs Watch '11: Goldman Sachs' Philodendrons In The Line Of Fire

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As you may have heard, Wall Street is set to layoff a whole lot of financial services employees before the year is over. Last month the figure was pegged at around 100,000, although it got cranked up a notch on Friday when Bank of America said in September, it plans to tell 10,000 employees to pack up their shit and mosey on out. There's a lot of fear, there's a lot of panic, there's a lot of "what am I going to do" going on. Well maybe what you should do is count your blessings. Count your blessings that you're only potentially getting laid off, not being thrown in a dumpster and left for dead.

[Goldman Sachs] is thought to spend tens of thousands of pounds a year on the supply and upkeep of plants in its London headquarters but this week ordered that many of them be removed in a bid to cut down on overheads.

Pretty scary thought, isn't it? That you could be excelling at your job one day, having never received a less than stellar performance review, and murdered the next? Luckily, Goldman apparently has a decent amount of plant rights activists on staff who were not going to let this aggression stand.

Sources say the decision provoked disquiet at the bank and that some employees tried to block the move, leading to a stand-off between the plant pickers and staff. In some cases, a solution is believed to have been found only after employees agreed to sign forms guaranteeing to take responsibility for particular plants. Many of those plants that were removed are believed to have been given to charities.

Among the ones spared? Let's just say GS should consider itself lucky 'cause if the rhododendron in sales and trading had gotten the boot she would have slapped them with a discrimination suit so fast it'd make their heads spin.

Pot Plants In Firing Line As Goldman Sachs Cuts Costs [Telegraph via BI]


Sad about it. Getty Images.

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