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Lenny Dykstra's Cleaning Staff Didn't Know Their Gigs Required Giving The Boss Massages, Getting A Glimpse At His Most Valuable Player

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Back in January, Lenny Dykstra was accused of sexually harassing his housekeeper, who claimed that LD forced her to "give him oral sex on Saturdays." At the time, Dykstra scoffed at the allegations, telling a reporter that he was the victim of extortion and "If she was assaulted on Saturdays, I'm a ballerina dancer on Sundays." Charges were never filed (prosecutors cited a lack of evidence), which Nails apparently took as a sign that this kind of interaction with your cleaning lady is not in fact frowned upon and continued spending his weekends dancing Swan Lake on Sundays after dropping trou in various maids' faces on Saturdays.

Lenny Dykstra has been charged with indecent exposure for allegedly exposing himself to women responding to his ads on Craigslist. The newest charges stem from multiple reported incidents over three years, the attorney's office said. There was one report from 2009, three in 2010 and reports from February and April of this year. In each incident, the release said, Dykstra allegedly placed an ad on Craigslist requesting personal assistant or housekeeping services. The release said that when the women met Dykstra, he allegedly informed the women the job required them to give a massage, and allegedly exposed himself to them. According to a release from the Los Angeles City Attorney's office, Dykstra was charged with two counts and could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each count.

If anyone's got some cash on hand, he's good for it.

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