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Raj Rajaratnam's Health Far Too Delicate For Lengthy Prison Stay

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Back in May, Rengen Rajaratnam, little brother of Raj, made a simple request. For friends of the Galleon founder to send character letters to the judge in an effort to convince him to be lenient in sentencing. Rengen helpfully included some links on the proper formatting to use when drafting such missives and considering all the lives Raj had touched, it shouldn't have proved too difficult a task. Was it so much to ask that people recall, for instance, the tears of joy he brought to their eyes when he paid an employee to allow herself to be tased? Or the midget gags? Apparently yes because his legal team has been forced to turn to plan B: breaking the news that Raj is dying of a disease the likes of which you can't even imagine.

Rajaratnam will perish in prison from a "unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body" if given a lengthy prison term when punished for insider trading next month, his legal team argued in a lengthy court filing yesterday. As such, the 54-year-old Galleon Group founder deserves a sentence "well below" the 20 years spelled out in the federal sentencing guidelines, according to his lawyers.

Does the government really want this kind of blood on their hands, not to mention be responsible for the inevitable mental break down the orderly forced to feed Raj his chicken soup** with undoubtedly suffer?

Lawyers: Prison Could Kill Raj [NYP]

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**It's the only thing that makes him feel better!