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SAC Capital Quants Don't Do This "Conference Room A, Conference Room B" Crap

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They also need a ruling on Lagrange versus Laplace.

"The head of SAC's quant shop recently introduced a new nomenclature for the various parcels of conference room tract under his command. Rather than go with something boring and conventional like “east room/west room” or “large room/small room,” he instead decided to pay homage to those great mathematical minds who have made God’s work possible here on earth, i.e. Archimedes, Bernoulli, Chebyshev*, Descartes, Euler, Fermat, etc. For the record, some people have already questioned the grievous shunning of Newton, while others wondered what prompted the choice of Lagrange over Laplace. Write-in candidates are welcome for the next wave of room recognition, as rumor has it the quants will be conquering another office floor soon enough."

*Actually, Condorcet was the original name until it got dethroned in favor of Chebyshev after an intense cage match of scholarly debate.