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Write-Offs: 08.01.11

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$$$Uneasy House Okays Debt Deal (WSJ)

$$$ "Reid also said there would still be a need for a comprehensive approach to narrowing the yawning US budget deficit -- 'not only yes, but hell yes'-- and stressed that Washington must move to a jobs agenda." (AP)

$$$ Meredith Whitney: Signs Of A Double Dip Have Emerged (CNBC)

$$$ "One JP Morgan Chase boss regularly lends his number two his Porsche for the weekend so the junior can impress at social occasions – weddings, visits from his French girlfriend etc. Disaster struck, however, when the trader got so drunk one weekend that he lost all his personal possessions: phone, wallet… and the keys to his boss’s car." (CityAM)

$$$Shooting victim Giffords returns for debt vote (Reuters)

$$$ Paul Kruman belts it out: How Can It Feel This Wrong? (NYT)

$$$ "It was like out of a porn movie," said shocked street vendor Ali Wafaa, 27, who has run a coffee cart in the area for 10 years. "I wish New York City would always be like that." (NYDN)


Write-Offs: 09.06.12

$$$ JPMorgan Said To Face Escalating Senate Probe Of CIO Loss [Bloomberg] $$$ J.P. Morgan Names New Chief Investment Officer [Deal Journal] $$$ Banks now like to do quarterly calls with bondholders [WSJ] $$$ Some people still like big banks [Bloomberg] $$$ FINRA is suing a test-prep firm for taking Series 7, etc., exams 64 times, failing 52 of those times, and memorizing the questions to tell their students [Reuters; the complaint is also amusing] $$$ [Harvard] Economics concentrator Ali E. Evans ’13 received his [Harvard Business School] acceptance email on Wednesday while sitting in class next to his roommates. He said he celebrated silently and texted his parents. Evans said he has visited classes at the Business School with his tutors at Kirkland House since sophomore year. "Leading my own company one day is definitely a goal of mine, and so business school definitely fits in with that plan," he said. [Crimson] $$$ Pimco is looking for a diversity & inclusion coordinator in Newport Beach [DBCC] $$$ Qatar Imperils Big Merger of Commodity Companies [DealBook] $$$ There's a new Kindle Fire and it's cheaper [WSJ] $$$ Citigroup, Goldman, UBS Sued Over Mortgage-Backed Bonds [Bloomberg] $$$ Goldman must face mortgage debt claims - 2nd Circuit [Reuters] $$$ European political leader says "Some fans of group sex say that it’s better than one-on-one because, as with any collective work, you can skive off," is not Silvio Berlusconi [Telegraph]

Write-Offs: 8.17.15

Biotech company vs its founder; Petco IPO; CFO pay; Citi probe; "Pissed-Off Man Dumps Urine On Teen's Head, Police Say"; and more.

Write-Offs: 5.18.15

Bubble fears; Bonderman; Greece; "A Georgia man says he was so angry after a phone call with his wife that he drove his truck through his house"; and more.

Write-Offs: 7.1.15

Greece; Ukraine; Hedge fund manager turns $32.6 Million into $1; Pigs as office pets; "Thousands Attend Funeral Of Tama The Cat, Famed Feline Stationmaster"; and more.

Write-Offs: 5.22.15

Bill Gross: "You haven't been divorced yet, have you?"; The $30 hot dog vendor is a capitalist hero; Greece back to the negotiating table; Guy who received bl*w j*b on Boston subway platform is arrested; and more.