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Write-Offs: 08.16.11

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$$$'Threatening the Fed Chairman Is Not a Good Idea': White House (CNBC)

$$$Judge Upholds Galleon Founder's Conviction (WSJ)

$$$Stocks Fall as Europe Floats Financial Tax (Bloomberg)

$$$Court Sides With Trustee Over Madoff Payouts (NYT)

$$$Slow German growth hits stocks, euro (Reuters)

$$$Cocaine Addicts Prefer Present Cash Over Future Coke (Freakonomics)

$$$Man Pretends To Be Hank Paulson To Make Fake $353,000 Mortgage Payment To Citi, Succeeds (ZH)

$$$Shadow banking – from Giffen goods to Triffin troubles (FT Alphaville)

$$$What’s Behind the Hefty Motorola Breakup Fee (Dealbook)

$$$Fitch maintains US’s triple A rating (FT)

$$$ George had been pushing Lean Six Sigma on legislators long before the 2012 primaries started. He can point to the government organizations that have received the gospel: Fort Wayne, Ind., Erie County, N.Y., the U.S. Army. "But I couldn't get anywhere with congressmen!" George says. "Most of them have no experience working in the private sector. Explaining this stuff to them is like explaining astronomy to a cat." (Slate)


Write-Offs: 09.20.12

$$$ Fed's Kocherlakota Shifts on Unemployment [WSJ] $$$ EU in talks over Spanish rescue plan [FT] $$$ Mortgage Rates for 30-Year Loans Tumble, Matching Record [Bloomberg] $$$ How misstep over trading fractions wounded ICAP's EBS [Reuters] $$$ The radical right-wing roots of Occupy Wall Street [Reuters / Moe Tkacik] $$$ Happy birthday Lloyd! [DealBook] $$$ BlackRook is looking for a junior portfolio manager for the model based multi-sector fixed income team [DBCC] $$$ JPMorgan Power-Trading Business Faces Suspension, FERC Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Astrology guides some financial traders [Marketplace] $$$ The new iPhone map service sucks [Reuters] $$$ The experiment where college students value a coffee mug more if they have it and are asked for an offer than if they don't have it and are asked for a bid also works on grown-up car salesmen and realtors [Dan Ariely] $$$ Former German First Lady Sues Google: Autocomplete Suggests "Prostitute" When You Search Her Name [Slate]

Write-Offs: 04.11.12

$$$ Justice Dept. Sues Apple and Publishers Over E-Book Pricing; 3 Publishers Settle [NYT] $$$ Harbinger Plans SEC Talks [WSJ] $$$ Billionaire Adelson to Spend $35B on 'Mini Las Vegas' [Reuters] $$$ Beer makes men smarter: study [NYDN via Grub Street] $$$ A growing middle market private equity firm in Boston is looking for a pre-MBA associate with a consulting background [DBCC] $$$ Why the Jobs Act Has Wall Street Sweating [Reuters] $$$ Jefferson County, Creditors Open Fight on Bond Payments $$$ No, Facebook shouldn't have waited until after its IPO to announce the Instagram deal $$$ Credit Rating Agency Models and Open Source [Expect[ed] Loss] $$$ Chickens Peck Man to Death in Latest Herman Cain Ad [DI]