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Write-Offs: 08.26.11

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$$$ “We can joke about this on Monday morning, but until then it’s a matter of life and death,” the mayor said at a news conference. (NYT)

$$$ Jackie Marino, a 25-year-old investment banker, hurried down Pearl Street with two yellow plastic grocery bags and what she described as "lots of wine." (IBT)

$$$ Chris Christie: "Get the hell off the beach in Asbury Park and get out. It’s 4:30. You’ve maximized your tan." (InOtherNews via Daily Intel)

$$$Merkel: Markets Won’t ‘Blackmail’ Euro Leaders (Bloomberg)

$$$Economist: US Economy Isn't As Weak As Portrayed (CNBC)

$$$Texas Upholds Stripper Pole Tax (ATL)


Write-Offs: 6.9.15

Deutsche Bank raided; China likes Buffett; "Pole Dances Are Tax Exempt As An Art Form, Lap Dances Aren't New York Tax Judge Rules"; and more.

Write-Offs: 11.9.15

Goldman dumps BRICs; Tinder parents company sets IPO terms; Citron has a new short; "Fox 4 is told the adult entertainment industry is cleaner than most other businesses in Fort Myers"; and more.

Write-Offs: 06.13.12

$$$ Spain rating slashed 3 notches by Moody's [Reuters] $$$ Citigroup was once worse than it is now [Bloomberg] $$$ Gupta Prosecutors Draw ‘Secret Pipeline’ Pattern; Defense Asks, ‘Where’s the Beef?’ [DealBook] $$$ JPMorgan doomsday scenario revealed [FT, FTAV] $$$ Large Institutions Discuss New Marketplace for Bonds [WSJ] $$$ George W. Bush’s decapitated head appeared on Game of Thrones [io9] $$$ Lombard Street Research is looking for a senior institutional sales executive in New York [DBCC] $$$ Crédit Agricole Girds Greek Unit for Greece Euro Exit [WSJ] $$$ Two PMs leave Taconic to form value equity shop [AR] $$$ Should lawyers have stopped the London Whale? [ATL] $$$ Endless QE? $6 trillion and counting [Reuters] $$$ Cops: Man on drugs rammed Stamford police cruisers [Stamford Advocate]