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Applebees Franchisee Will Tackle Unemployment Rate One Location At A Time

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Did you know it takes 1,000 people to staff 6 Applebee's?

Zane Tankel is embarked on a huge business expansion -- no thanks to Washington...Naturally, Tankel, the CEO of Apple Metro, knows something about labor markets -- and he’s lashing out at Washington on the US jobs crisis. “We need to incentivize people back to work,” he said. “We are doing a lot of the wrong things in Washington to create jobs.” The right thing to Tankel is to favor new self-funding tax incentives for employers. “If each $10 the government spends on each hire translates into $12 in new taxes paid by each new employee, that’s a 20 percent return on investment,” he said. “It doesn’t take brain surgery.” Tankel describes himself as a bit of a “cowboy” capitalist. He risks his money. But as long as fear persists about how Washington will regulate, from taxes to health care, he thinks many business owners won’t be as speculative. He endorses more taxes on wealthy individuals, himself included. “It is not knowing if Washington will hurt us or not that is hurting job creation,” Tankel explained.

The CEO of Apple Metro anticipates hiring more than 1,000 workers at his six new Applebee’s restaurants in New York through 2013. The new hires will increase his payroll from roughly 3,000 today to some 4,000. Tankel has three new Applebee’s planned in Manhattan, two in the Bronx and one in Brooklyn over the next 24 months.

You're welcome, Washington.

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