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How Can Obama Make Bill Gross Happy?


As you may have heard, President Obama will unveil a jobs package tonight that expected total more than $300 billion. Some would say that's a nice hefty number, one that indicates Obama is serious about getting the economy back on track. Others beg to differ. For example, Bill Gross. The PIMCO adviser is not impressed. “I don’t think $300 billion does it,” Gross said today in an interview with Bloomberg TV's Tom Keene. “I would like to see something bold.” Unfortunately, Gross didn't detail what he would consider bold, leaving Obama to play mind reader.

To help the president out, we've narrowed down the options to what we, as people who know Gross best, think might please him. To finish the job, please identify at this time which of the following the bond manager would deem to be "something bold" enough for his liking:

a) A $300 trillion package
b) Announcing plans to buy all of the securities in the Total Return portfolio at a 5% premium so he won't underperform this year
c) A jobs program to uninstall toilet sensors nationwide and retrofit them with regular flushers
d) All of the above
e) None of the above
f) Other (what?)

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