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How Should Raj Rajaratnam Spend His Last Three Weeks Of Freedom?

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Though some might argue otherwise, Raj Rajaratnam is a pretty lucky guy. In the beginning of July, at which time he was slated to be sentenced in mere weeks, Judge Richard Holwell agreed to postpone a decision until September 27, granting the convicted Galleon founder one last summer of love. Today, Holwell tossed Raj yet another bone, putting off next Tuesday's sentencing for October 13. Knowing the guy better than most, how would you suggest he make these next few weeks count?

A few ideas that come to mind off the bat: He could celebrate kicking Stanley Druckenmiller's ass in person in their annual fantasy football league. He could cure himself the “unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body.” He could tase random people on the street without their consent (going to jail anyway so same diff/no diff). He could ask people to model LuLu Lemon spandex for him without the pretense of it being necessary for "research." He could add extra mayo to every single tuna sandwich. Really, though, sky's the limit.


Raj Rajaratnam Basically Has Washboard Abs Now, Says Completely Objective Third Party

Back in December, things were not going so well for hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam. For starters, he had just reported to prison to serve an eleven year sentence for insider trading, where there would be no April Fool's day midgets or employees to tase or extra mayo to eat. Then there was the matter of the "unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body," and the kidney transplant he was said to need. Finally, and not that there's anything wrong with this, but if you're a person who thinks looks matter, he was fat. It would have been enough to send Raj into an understandable a tailspin of sorrow and despair. And yet? It turns out the Galleon founder is not only doing great but looks good too. How good? While we have no photographic evidence, consider that an attorney who does not represent the guy and was ostensibly speaking to Bloomberg about a story involving Raj declining to answer questions about a tax shelter case could not help but steer the conversation to Big R's new body. Rajaratnam, convicted last year of directing the largest hedge fund insider-trading scheme in U.S. history, was interviewed yesterday for about an hour and 45 minutes at the Federal Medical Center Devens in Ayers, Massachusetts. The deposition stems from a case involving a tax shelter Rajaratnam had invested in. He isn’t a defendant in the lawsuit. He refused to answer any of the more than 100 questions he was asked, invoking his right against self-incrimination under the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment, said Howard Kleinhendler, an attorney representing the plaintiffs. “He looked good,” Kleinhendler, of Wachtel Masyr & Missry LLP in New York, said today in a phone interview, adding that Rajaratnam appeared to have lost weight since the last time he saw him, in 2007. Rajaratnam, 55, has said in court papers that he has health problems including diabetes and will probably need dialysis and a kidney transplant. “He was in good spirits,” Kleinhendler said. You'd be in a good mood too if you could finally see your feet again. Guy could be in a Thai prison right now and he'd be happy as a clam. Rajaratnam Silent In Tax-Shelter Deposition, Lawyer Says [Bloomberg]