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NYPD Pretty Sure Video Of Cop Blasting Wall Street Protestors With Pepper Spray Was Edited To Make Him Look Bad

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That, or the camera man had to have been slacking on the job.

For a few moments on Saturday, the confrontations between the police and the protesters just south of Union Square in Manhattan seemed fairly typical. People pushed, the police shoved and arrests were made, and in the many videos recording the protest, it was not always clear which of the three had come first. As the police arrested a protester in the street, an officer wearing a white shirt — indicating a rank of lieutenant or above — walked toward a group of demonstrators nearby and sent a blast of pepper spray that hit four women, the videos show.


The Police Department’s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said the police had used the pepper spray “appropriately.” “Pepper spray was used once,” he added, “after individuals confronted officers and tried to prevent them from deploying a mesh barrier — something that was edited out or otherwise not captured in the video.”

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