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Securities And Exchange Commission Charges Former Goldman Sachs Employee And His Accountant Dad With Insider Trading

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1. They (allegedly) committed securities fraud for a $57,000 profit.
2. It's not like anyone ever told them TD Ameritrade records its calls.
3. When Alfred picked up the call waiting from Spencer, do you think they kept their chat strictly business or did Alfred also get on his case about any dad-type stuff?
4. "Chew into my profit"

The SEC’s Division of Enforcement alleges that Spencer D. Mindlin obtained non-public details about Goldman’s plans to purchase and sell large amounts of securities underlying the SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT). He tipped his father Alfred C. Mindlin, a certified public accountant. Father and son then illegally traded in four different securities underlying the XRT with knowledge of massive, market-moving trades in these securities that Goldman would later execute. The case marks the SEC’s first insider trading enforcement action involving ETFs. “With his father’s helping hand, Spencer Mindlin exploited his inside knowledge of Goldman’s complex hedging strategies to line his own pockets,” said George S. Canellos, Director of the SEC’s New York Regional Office.

According to the SEC’s order, Spencer Mindlin learned on multiple occasions about Goldman’s trading intentions through e-mail communications he received shortly before he and his father placed their trades. In one instance when Alfred Mindlin phoned TD Ameritrade to upgrade the family member’s account to allow for the trading of options, he received a call on another line from Spencer Mindlin while on hold with the TD Ameritrade representative. Because the TD Ameritrade call was recorded, Spencer and Alfred Mindlin’s conversation discussing a trade was captured on tape. In later instances, Spencer Mindlin impersonated his father on at least four calls to TD Ameritrade. On one call, he instructed the firm not to execute a trade too early in the day because this would “chew into my profit – my profit on this trade.” The Mindlins obtained at least $57,000 in illicit profits through their insider trading.

SEC Charges Former Goldman Sachs Employee and His Father with Insider Trading [SEC]