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Which Hedge Manager Will Soon Be Condensing The 32.5 Hour Trading Week Into 4?

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A blind item.

After the Princeton talk, Ferriss headed back to Manhattan. He had a meeting that evening with a hedge-fund manager who wanted to hire him as a high-end personal trainer and life coach. Ferriss relished the opportunity to apply his four-hour tools not to help the fund manager design a more satisfying life style outside his work but to make his mastery of the universe even more masterly. “It is about how can I, potentially, train him to be three times what he is currently in terms of cognitive and physical performance,” he said. “Right now, he is at the very top of that world, and wants to remain at the very top of that world. Very frequently, those people almost by necessity burn the candle at both ends, so if you can improve your work capacity and performance it’s a very clear competitive advantage in a world where you are fighting for investors and funding.”

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4-Hour Work Week: Experiments In Lifestyle Design [Tim Ferriss]


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Hedge Fund Manager Are Sad

And dying from a form of cancer that attacks alpha generation, they say.