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Write-Offs: 09.06.11

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$$$Franc Plunges Most Ever Versus Euro as Central Bank Draws Line (Bloomberg)

$$$ Snoop Dogg nominates himself for Yahoo CEO following Carol Bartz's firing over the phone (Twitter via Heidi Moore, Reuters)

$$$Former Goldman Partner: Break Up Goldman (NetNet)

$$$ "It's a real blessing to have friends like this," said Chris Solarz, a 33-year-old hedge fund analyst (and endurance athlete who also holds records for navigating the subway, climbing and marathon running), of the pals who helped him and his wife set the Guinness World record for "Most Pubs Visited in 24 Hours by a Team" to commemorate their 3rd anniversary. (NYDN)

$$$Ex-Citigroup exec pleads guilty to embezzling $22M

$$$JPMorgan explains the Euro crisis with Legos (Felix Salmon)

$$$ Breaking: Bernie Madoff Told The Truth About Something (Dealbook, earlier)

$$$Groupon Said To Delay IPO (Bloomberg)

$$$Bernanke: US Banks' Exposure To Europe Is Manageable (CNBC)

$$$Man Cannot Change His Name to ‘’ (Gawker)


Write-Offs: 07.23.12

$$$ Germany, Netherlands Rating Outlooks Cut To Negative By Moody’s [Bloomberg] $$$ Congress Presses New York Fed for More Details on Rate-Rigging Scandal [DealBook] $$$ China bids $15bn for Canada’s Nexen [FT] $$$ John Paulson Said To See 50% Chance That Euro Will Fail $$$ Bane's Plan to Bankrupt Batman Doesn't Make Any Sense [The Atlantic] $$$ A top bank is looking for a consumer/food sector M&A vice president or senior associate [DBCC] $$$ Citigroup Chairman O'Neill Takes Hands-On Approach [WSJ] $$$ An Ackman Protégé Plans to Strike Out on His Own [DealBook] $$$ Apple is a champion of planned obsolescence [Reuters] $$$ Snoop Dogg to Release Reggae Album as Snoop Lion [Gawker]

Write-Offs: 4.14.15

Phil Falcone went shopping; Goldman wants you to short these stocks; Traders are miffed with the Fed; "Medics Rush To Help 'Collapsed' Woman Who Turns Out To Be Pigeon"; and more.

Write-Offs: 11.2.15

Short-seller has nothing (new) to say about Valeant; Ken Griffin waxes nostalgic; Fantasy-sports probe focused on inside information; "Drunk Woman Breaks Into Zoo To Pet Tiger, Gets Bit"; and more.