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Write-Offs: 09.09.11

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$$$Euro Weakens to Six-Month Low as Swaps Indicate 90% Odds of Greek Default (Bloomberg)

$$$U.S. Pursues Three Individuals in 9/11 Threat (WSJ)

$$$Resignation Reveals Internal Split at European Central Bank (NYT)

$$$KKR, Blackstone Deal-Rig Antitrust Suit Expanded by Judge (BW)

$$$Extreme makeover BofA: An asbestos solution (Reuters)

$$$Feasting on Paperwork (NYT)

$$$'Sexy nuns gave Silvio Berlusconi lapdances' (Sun)

$$$A Short Conversation About Mel Gibson's "Jewish Hero" Film (The Awl)

$$$Yahoo Board's Priority Is Revamp, Not CEO Search (WSJ)

$$$Less Government, More Growth? Belgium Gets Ahead (CNBC)

$$$Hedge Funds Plot Assault on Swiss Franc Ceiling (WSJ)

$$$The Elements of Press Release Style (McSweeney's, via peHUB)

$$$The strangest thing was the testicle search. During the explanation phase, the dude said he would place his hand on my inner thigh and run it up into my crotch and “lift and separate” my testicles, three times on each leg. Now, I couldn’t hide a third testicle between my other two without it being really obvious. What weapon could I possible wedge up in there that would require six touches to detect? (Above the Law)


Write-Offs: 08.17.12

$$$ Goldman independent research arm dies, shunned by clients [Reuters] $$$ Moody's to review ratings on California Cities [WSJ] $$$ Greece Close To Slashing Billions In Costs [Reuters] $$$ Manhattan’s 15 Central Park West Fuels Ultra-Luxury Condo Surge [Bloomberg] $$$ Paul Ryan's Randianism [The Economist] $$$ New Hedge Funds Abound, Despite Tepid Industry Performance [Dealbook] $$$ "I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can't win championships," Vanessa Bryant said in an upcoming issue of New York Magazine. "If you're sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year." [LA Times] $$$ Teenager successfully uses fake ID with picture of cartoon character to buy alcohol at six different shops [DM] $$$ ‘Moles’ Gave Hedge-Fund Manager Whitman Tips, U.S. Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Hackers target hedge funds [AR] $$$ The Perils And Pleasures Of An Outdoor Shower In The City [NYT]

Write-Offs: 6.1.15

Greece might be saved; Les Moonves stiffs valet because he only carries hundreds; Fisher wants tougher bank penalties; "Montana hosting annual Testicle Festival in Virginia Square this year"; and more.

Write-Offs: 02.25.13

$$$ Italy Vote Shows No Clear Winner, as Berlusconi Rises [WSJ] $$$ Goldman to begin fresh round of job cuts [Reuters] $$$ Remember That $83 Billion Bank Subsidy? We Weren't Kidding [Bloomberg, earlier] $$$ "There appears to be a growing trendin dying industries: The bosses want to hold their bedside vigils in private." [Deal Journal] $$$ Banks to sell complex CDS books [IFR] $$$ "As an excellent student with advanced people skills and an exciting resume, with a desire to be part of a challenging, energetic, and reputable organization, I will be a valuable addition to The Catholic Church as your new Pope." [McSweeney's] $$$ A top-tier investment management firm is looking for a VP, behavioral finance specialist in New York [DBCC] $$$ Wells Fargo Role in Heinz Deal Is Credit Negative, Moody’s Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Leveraged loan market on fire [Sober Look] $$$ Banks Face Key Hurdle in Libor Fight [WSJ] $$$ RBS plans IPO for U.S. arm Citizens in next two years [Reuters] $$$ John Kerry Brings Democracy to Kyrzakhstan [DI]