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Bank Of America Silences Mike Mayo

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Is someone afraid of the Mayo Jar?

The analyst sent this note to clients earlier:

...Finally, while we entered a question to ask on the conference call (confirmed by the operator), BAC ended the call without taking our question and closed the call by saying, "We have no further questions at this time." This action by the company appears to us to be more insular than they have acted in the past, and diminishes our trust and confidence in the results they presented – even if the shares are trading up 7% post call.

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Dick Parsons Actually Gives Mike Mayo What He Wants

Is Mike Mayo the most powerful man on Wall Street, able to bend CEOs and bank chairmen to his will with the greatest of ease? If you'd asked us days ago we would have said "Well he does have a varsity analyst jacket but eh." Today? The answer is we have no idea but Dick Parsons is certainly helping make that case by not only complying with the demands of Mayo but doing so on his specified time schedule. [WSJ, Earlier: “I think that Parsons should leave in the next two weeks,” said Mayo on Feb. 23]