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Brian Moynihan: Bank Of America Is In Charge Of Bank Of America's Own Destiny

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Since Bank of America announced it's intent to charge $5 fees on debit cards holder choosing to use their debt card in any given month, the Charlottte-based bank has been on the receiving end of a whole lot of shit. Obama tut tutted the move, Dick Durbin told customers to "get the heck out of that bank," and a purse-wielding Fox Business anchor vowed to "show Bank of America just what I think of their fees." For a while, Brian Moynihan held his tongue, refusing to respond to the haters. Today, his spirits diminished but not yet broken, he found his voice. Standing up for himself, for his employees and for his teammates on the company softball team, Moynihan let the world know that BAC is a person, BAC has feelings, BAC has a right to express itself, BAC can make its own decisions and BAC doesn't have to answer to you or to anyone!

Moynihan said that the bank will talk to its customers, teammates and shareholders and "they'll understand what we're doing -- understand we have a right to make a profit."

Moynihan: We Have A Right To Make A Profit [Fortune]


Bank Of America Protester Gives Brian Moynihan A Mouthful

Today at the Citi Financial Services conference at the Waldorf: a woman in a low-cut dress came down the aisle during Moynihan's presentation and started chanting "bust up Bank of America before it busts up America" (she also had the slogan written across her shirt). They cleared her out and then another one came onto the stage, elbowed Moynihan out of the way and took the microphone to do the same thing-- security hauled here away before she could strip. Then a third one jumped on a table in front of the stage, pulled off her top-- had the slogan written across her rack-- and started chanting. It took a good 1-2 minutes to get her out of there.

Brian Moynihan Is Walking On Sunshine

The BofA chief is pretty much having the best day ever. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but his IT guys are THISCLOSE to registering before one of his fans can.