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Chicago Board Of Trade Would Prefer Wall Street Protestors Not Reach Out And Touch Rick Santelli

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From: Assoc. Director/General Manager, CBOT Building
Subject: ALERT...ALERT...ALERT !
Importance: High

We have been notified that there will be protesters attempting to perform a sit-in inside our building today at approximately 12:00 noon today, (CDT). Below is the security/safety plan that is being put in place at 11:00 a.m.:

· There will be a Chicago Police Department presence to handle any attempt at entry to this building

· Our Building Security will be closing several of the revolving doors at all entrances/exits of the property; only one revolving door will be available at each entrance/exit

· Guards will be placed at each location and everyone will be required to display their building IDs

We will attempt to make this as convenient as possible for all of you; however, we also want to ensure your safety and the building’s security during this time.

We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to the instructions you will be given by our building security officers.

Please exhibit every caution when exiting and entering the building.