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Dick Bové Will Scratch Out The Eyes Of The Next Person To Hate On Wall Street

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One thing you have to know about analyst Dick Bové is that he gets really, really pissed when people fail to afford the men in his life the respect they deserve.

And not just like, internally angry pissed, but break your leg after skating practice pissed. He (moreor less) keyed obscenities not suitable for printing onto the cars of every BofA board member who pushed* Ken "No other banker in this country can equal his achievements and yet every banker wishes s/he could" Lewis out the door and now he's got a new group of individuals with whom he must "deal" with: the members of the media who dare to impugn on the dignity of Wall Street. In a letter to clients today, Divé advised those throwing "hate" the financial industry's way shut their traps, 'cause 1) "This is an investment issue. It is one of the reasons that bank and brokerage stocks are so easily pushed lower in the markets. It is a one of the reasons why the cost of money has risen for banks in the bond markets." and 2) you're on thin ice with DB. And while it's not like he's, y'know, keeping a list of names….a list is in fact being kept. Anyone on here might want to consider checking themselves:

- Bloomberg
- ABC News
- New York Times
- Bill Maher (whose use of the sobriquet "Skank of America" Richard did not appreciate and which caused him to knock the Crackerjacks out of his lap while shouting "Oh, real funny!" at the TV)

You go after his boos and who knows what he's capable of.

Media Against Banks [PDF]

*This is how it went down in his mind.


Dick Bové Reenters The Spotlight In Manner Befitting Dick Bové

When regular old bank analysts switch firms, people don't tend to make a big deal about it. Gardening leave is taken, contracts are signed, key cards are distributed, new business cards are printed. Sometimes you'll get an email address with updated contact information. That's usually it. Dick Bové, as you all know, however, is no regular bank analyst. Which is following his departure from Rochdale Securities, potential employers didn't interview him, he interviewed them, why his son/spokesman, Joe Bové sent out a press release announcing the final countdown to Bové Day, and why, when that blessed day arrived, it was celebrated with a three-course banquet and a little something called the Dick Bové Banking Manifesto.