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Investment Manager Counter-Sued By Playboy Modeling Ex-Girlfriend Over Blank Checks, Tuition Fees

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Remember Andrew Oberwager and Karolina Stefansi? For those who need a refresher: they're two highly educated kids who were once in love and are now suing each other in court. When they met, Oberwager was a PM at Columbus Circle Partners, who had earned the right to not only put the letters C, F, and A after his signature, but M and D as well, having graduated from Harvard Med school before getting into investing. Stefanski, left, was a former Playboy model from Germany, who had earned her journalism degree from Suffolk University (the $33,000 tuition for which Obes covered). Thing were good.

Then MDCFA might have started an affair with a chick from Texas he met online, a relationship Stefanski was not cool with even though it probably meant nothing to Oberwags (i.e. he didn’t put her through vet school), she moved back to Germany and cashed the blank, signed checks he had given her, including one for $80,000.

Apparently this set Andy off and in July, he sued Karolina, a) claiming those checks were "meant to pay for household expenses" and b) demanding the tuition funds be paid back, plus interest, arguing that the couple had "drawn up a contract on his personal computer" (which has since gone missing) because "she said she didn’t want was actually her idea to make it a loan.”

Anyway, Karolina has now come back to 1) let Andrew know he can go fuck himself and 2) tell the court that this man is a liar.

The Teutonic temptress submitted new potential trial evidence that shows that Oberwager, 36, promised to pay all her college tuition and expenses -- and that the $33,000 he put up for her journalism degree from Boston’s Suffolk University was not a loan, as he has claimed...But Stefanski, 33, got Suffolk University to go back into its records -- and the school produced a letter purportedly signed by Oberwager, who worked for Columbus Circle Partners at the time. In the letter, Oberwager claims he is the model’s benefactor. “I have agreed to sponsor Ms. Stefanski and pay for her tuition and expenses,” Oberwager wrote to the school. “In addition, I will provide room and board for her at no cost.”

According to court testimony, Oberwager arranged for Stefanski to stay in the US “on various visas, claimed to others that he was supporting her [and] used her in his own business as a personal assistant in his own home to wash, clean, cook, manage his finances and keep papers for him.”

If any part-time relationship experts-cum-judges would like to offer a ruling on this one, please do so at this time.

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