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Jon Corzine Could Use A Hand Here

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As previously discussed, MF Global needs to sell (at least part of) itself and fast. Who wants to break themselves off a piece of Jon Corzine's firm? According to the Journal, MF-G "earlier had a roster of up to 10 potential partners, but has narrowed that list in recent days to fewer than five." Whether those who made the wish list include Goldman Sachs, State Street and Macquarie, who were said to be interested in an acquisition as of this morning, is unclear. Also! There are apparently a few other names who are thinking about considering the idea of maybe or maybe not approaching JSC.

Some of the companies looking at MF Global have not yet approached the firm; rather, they are assessing internally whether to make a move, the people said. Also, they may not move forward in the end, the people said. There could be several other firms eyeing the company.

For the reticent- are you kidding? JC needs help. A little assistance. He's not used to liquidating things and needs a little help. In fact, he's just coming flat out and saying "help me." Anybody want to help an ex-Governor of New Jersey here? Twenty-five, thirty, dollars. Thirty dollars to help him. Thirty-five dollars to come forward and help him right now. Ten dollars for a verbal response. Ten dollars. Anybody want to make ten dollars and respond verbally? No?

MF Global Draws Interest As Tumultuous Week Ends [WSJ]


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