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Judge Semi-Swayed By Former Galleon Group Employee's Plea For Sentencing Leniency Due To Son's Slow Start On Crawling

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As previously discussed, Raj Rajaratnam is scheduled to be sentenced next week for his insider trading. The prosecution would like the Galleon Group founder to go away for twenty to twenty four years, while the defense would like way, way less time than that and are banking on the judge being swayed by the argument that Raj is in far too fragile a state for such a lengthy stay, owing to "a unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body." Whether this excuse will work remains to be seen (and the prosecution has already put it out there that they're calling bull shit) but today we've learned that what appears to sort of work, if you're writing these down for potential future use, is saying that your kid's less than stellar crawling skills and/or ability to color within the lines precludes you from going away for too long.

Emanuel Goffer was sentenced to 36 months for his role in an insider-trading scheme carried out with his brother, former Galleon Group LLC trader Zvi Goffer...Goffer, who co-founded Incremental Capital LLC in New York, was responsible for instant messages and transactions intended to provide cover for illegal trades, the U.S. said. He used an untraceable prepaid mobile phone to pass tips to his brother and helped pay bribes to the two lawyers who originated the tips, prosecutors said...Prosecutors said nonbinding federal sentencing guidelines called for Goffer to get as much as 51 months to 63 months in prison. In a sentencing memorandum filed with the court, Goffer asked for a “tempered sentence” shorter than the guidelines range calculated by U.S. probation officials. Goffer said in the filings that his son isn’t meeting “age appropriate gross motor milestones.”

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