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Morgan Stanley Will Protect This House

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...from those hoping to occupy James Gorman's domain.

Email to all Morgan Stanley Manhattan employees: Occupy Wall Street is expected to protest near 1585 headquarters tomorrow afternoon/evening; there will be enhanced perimeter security and all visitors for tomorrow need to be submitted for preclearance by tonight.


Layoffs Watch '12? Morgan Stanley?

James Gorman is approaching cost-cutting with the same focus as the Zodiac killer, so maybe. Morgan Stanley is "maniacally focused" on cutting costs apart from compensation and is on track to reduce expenses by $500 million this year, Chief Executive James Gorman said on Tuesday. Gorman, speaking at a conference in New York, also reiterated Morgan Stanley's plans to reduce costs by $1.4 billion annually over the long term...The bank is also monitoring the size of its overall payroll for possible job cuts as revenue remains under pressure from a weak market environment, he said. "We are very, very focused on that, obviously, in this environment," said Gorman. Morgan Stanley "maniacally" focused on cost cuts-CEO [Reuters] Very much related: Morgan Stanley Joins Goldman Sachs In Herbicide