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Quantum Bank Foreclosure Rep Didn't Know You Weren't Supposed To Take The Meat Grinder With You On The Way Out

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Where Shawn DeCelle should get points here is for 1) not foreclosing on a place that wasn't actually up for foreclosure which has happened just a few times 2) not stealing someone's beloved pet, holding it hostage for weeks and driving owner of said kidnapped pet into counseling and 3) not being a lying, unapologetic dick about the whole thing, a holy trifecta that belongs to the pros.

A former bank agent from Wynantskill who stole various household appliances from a business customer -- including chairs, fans and a meat slicer -- was sentenced Thursday to two years probation and ordered to pay $1,000 and perform 100 hours of community service. Shawn DeCelle, 44, was working at Quantum Bank providing foreclosure services for Jeanne Wells and her business, Marie's Dreamhouse Inc. in Greene County, when he ripped her off in 2009, federal prosecutors said. DeCelle was providing foreclosure services for Wells at the location of her business on Route 42 in WestKill...federal investigators interviewed DeCelle at his home, where he confessed to his thefts. He even wrote out a list of what he stole, mentioning steamer trays, fans, the meat slicer, wooden chairs, bowls, a tea pot, blender and a silverware separator.

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