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Reader Poll: How Long Will Raj Rajaratnam Suffer The Indignity Of Unflattering Jumpsuits?

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At some point tomorrow, Raj Rajaratnam will be sentenced for the 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy he was found guilty on in May. The prosecution, which claims the Galleon founder netted "at least" $50 million in ill-gotten gains, has requested he go away for anywhere between 19 years and seven months to 24 1/2 years, while the defense, which argues Raj scored a mere $7.4 million, would prefer 6 1/2 to 8 years. To that end, the Rajaratnam team led by attorney John "How long are you going to suck [U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York] Preet’s teat" Dowd has 1) asked friends of Raj to send character letters to Judge Howell highlighting what a great guy he is and 2) made the bold statement that Rajaratnam is suffering from a “unique constellation of ailments ravaging his body” and that he will most certainly "perish if given a lengthy prison term." To date, individuals vaguely and otherwise connected to the Galleon case have been sentenced to 2.5 years (Danielle Chiesi), 3 years (Emanuel Goffer), 4 years (lobster fiend) 10 years (Zvi Goffer). So!

Let's take a moment to guesstimate how long the free world will be a little less sweet sans Raj. At this time, please guess, to the month, how long a stay he'll be spending in the big house. Will it be a quick 10 years before he's back at it, tasing people for sport and hiring midgets for April Fool's Day yuks? Or will he be an old man before he gets out and rehabilitates himself and starts appearing as a commentator** on CNBC? Closest without going over will receive an I heart Dealbreaker button, a Free Raj tee, and a visit from a Sandwich Fairy bearing "extra mayo." How Raj would've wanted it.

**Bonus round: what new line of work will Raj get into post-prison?