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Wall Street Protestors Moving Up On Bloomberg's List Of 'Things That Rankle Mike'

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Though their lists probably don't have much overlap, like those occupying downtown Manhattan, there are lot of things with which Mayor Mike Bloomberg has beef. Some of it, he's been able to use his position to get rid of. Trans fat. Smoke. Bake sales in New York City schools. Term limits for people named Michael Bloomberg. The temptations of his one true love, salt.1 Others, which chap his hide in not an insignificant way, he just has to live with. Water.2 People who can't enjoy a nice snowy day. Pictures of himself looking less than svelte.3 Interior design lacking chairs upholstered in leopard print.4 So when he says he get totally gets people being so pissed off about various things they feel like they're just gonna snap and go on a rampage burning every fat photo ever taken of them ( a for instance), he really means it.

"Everyone's got a thing they want to protest," Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show on Friday.

Having said that...

"...and some of that is not realistic. “And if you focus for example on driving the banks out of New York City, you know those are our jobs … You can’t have it both ways: If you want jobs you have to assist companies and give them confidence to go and hire people.” The protesters, the mayor said, are not directing their attacks at the right place and could put workers out of jobs. “The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people in this city aren’t productive,” Bloomberg said. “What they’re trying to do is take away the jobs of people working in the city, take away the tax base that we have,” Bloomberg added. “We’re not going to have money to pay our municipal employees or anything else.” The city, Bloomberg said, is “trying to let this — not ‘play out,’ that isn’t quite the right word, but let them express themselves.” But he warned the protesters that “if anybody in the city breaks the law we will arrest them and turn them over to the district attorneys.”

Those considering expressing themselves via sodium have been warned.

Mike Bloomberg Tells Occupy Wall Street Protestors To Lay Off Banks [Politico]

1"He dumps salt on almost everything, even saltine crackers...he likes his popcorn so salty that it burns others’ lips. He sprinkles so much salt on his morning bagel 'that it’s like a pretzel,' said the manager at Viand, a Greek diner near Mr. Bloomberg’s Upper East Side town house."
2“I can count on two hands the number of times I have seen him drink water,” said one dining companion, who spoke on condition of anonymity, so as not to offend the mayor.
3"The sight of an unflattering photo of himself can trigger weeks of intense dieting and crankiness, according to friends and aides."
4Behold the living room.