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Write-Offs: 10.17.11

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$$$'All or Nothing' Markets: Even Earnings Don't Matter (CNBC)

$$$ "... the dreams that are emerging again, that on Monday everything will be resolved and everything will be over, will again not be fulfilled" (WSJ)

$$$Green Mtn. Coffee Drops on Einhorn Comments (Bloomberg)

$$$Man Uses Occupy Wall Street’s Human Microphone to Propose to Girlfriend (NYO)

$$$New Yorkers support anti-Wall Street protests: poll (Reuters)

$$$Fat Cats on Wall Street (Tumblr)

$$$Spreads and the Citi (FTAV)

$$$ Melissa Francis Tells Joe Scarborough ‘You Are The Problem’ For Downplaying Occupy Wall Street (Mediaite)

$$$Improvement in US mortgage delinquencies ends (FT)

$$$'Dark Pool' Looks to Bring Pre-IPO Firms to Institutions (WSJ)

$$$Hair-Cutting Attacks Stir Fear Among Ohio Amish (NYT)


Write-Offs: 6.3.15

Malcom Gladwell is not happy about John Paulson's $400 million gift to Harvard; UBS chiefs knew about Libor rigging; Insider trading; Bitcoin; "High School Baseball Teammates Allegedly Have Sex With Sandwich On School Bus"; and more.