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Write-Offs: 10.20.11

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$$$ Prosecutor: Ex-UBS Trader Falsified Transactions [Bloomberg]

$$$Perry Capital Cuts Staff And Closes Hong Kong Office [Dealbook]

$$$Fortune's 40 Under 40 list of 'businesses hottest rising stars' includes Bridgewater's CEO Greg Jensen and Erin Burnett. [Fortune]

$$$ An award-winning business professor has set tongues wagging at the University of Western Ontario after he offered to give his MBA students an extra class and job recommendations in exchange for cash “tips.” [Globe and Mail]

$$$ Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra takes plea deal on felony grand theft auto charges, former All-Star released [NYDN]

$$$ An Australian man has been hospitalized for more than a month in serious condition as a result of eating two garden slugs on a dare, according to Australian news media and ProMED , an online service that tracks disease outbreaks. [NYT]

$$$One animal remains loose in Ohio. [WSJ]

$$$ "One of the running jokes of Mr. Chandor’s Margin Call is that the higher a person’s rank, the less he is likely to understand what the firm is actually doing. This ignorance is almost a point of pride. “I don’t get any of this stuff” — this line is repeated about Peter’s discovery by Will, then Sam, then Sam’s boss, Jared Cohen (Simon Baker) and then Tuld. In a further absurdity, one person who does get it, Peter’s mentor, Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci) has just been downsized out of the company. As a security measure his cellphone has been disconnected, which means that his increasingly desperate former colleagues are unable to find him when he might be of most use." [NYT]

$$$An interview with Margin Call director JC Chandor [Reuters]

$$$ Biographer: Steve Jobs Refused Early Cancer Surgery [Reuters]

$$$Pepper Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Feels 'Tortured' by Incident [DNAI]

$$$Citibank Case Shows SEC Struggling to Punish Top Bank Officers for Crisis [Bloomberg]

$$$ Kim Kardashian On Occupy Wall Street: "That cake looks good" [WSJ]


Write-Offs: 02.05.13

$$$ RBS reaches Libor settlement [FT] $$$ Bernanke Voiced Alarm Over Credibility of Ratings Firms [Bloomberg] $$$ The Receivables Exchange [Sober Look] $$$ Rollover Risk as Market Discipline: A Two-Sided Inefficiency [FRBNY] $$$ Goldman has a new "what kind of banker would you be?" quiz [Bloomberg View] $$$ "Staff at a Japanese zoo have been practising procedures designed to recapture escaped animals in the event of an earthquake. An employee of Tama Zoo outside Tokyo donned a zebra costume during the drill as emergency workers set up a barricade. Carrie Gracie describes how the scenario culminated in the 'zebra' being tranquilised." There is video. [BBC] $$$ Highland is looking for a desk analyst for credit trading in Dallas [DBCC] $$$ Nasdaq Talks Settlement in Facebook IPO [WSJ] $$$ LBOs, junk yields, and earnings yields [Free Exchange] $$$ Two students lose fingers in tug-of-war at California high school [Reuters] $$$ Death Star Lollipops [Copyranter]

Write-Offs: 05.09.12

$$$ Spain finalises bank recapitalisation plan [FT] $$$ Bank of America's Moynihan tops list of worst performing CEOs [Fortune] $$$ "Nearly 46 percent of the revenue received by Merrill Lynch's Global Wealth Management unit last year came from just 21 percent of its top-producing brokers, about 2,500 people, according to copies of the reports reviewed by Reuters," which seems sort of low no? [Reuters] $$$ Goldman's trading "huddles" won't disqualify it from doing private placements [, earlier] $$$ Lawsuit Claims Texas Constable Forced Deputy to ‘Motorboat’ Her Breasts [ATL] $$$ A bank in New York is looking for a Basel II modeler - could it be you? [DBCC] $$$ Hedge Fund Inflows Slowing, a Report Indicates [DealBook] $$$ Peter Orszag seems to think strange things about the marginal utility of money [Bloomberg, earlier] $$$ Carlyle Falls Below Offer Price as Rubenstein Plan Fails. FYI the plan was "have stock go up." [Bloomberg] $$$ Space-Taxi Race Gets a New Player [WSJ] $$$ Accused madam yelled at by judge after attempting to switch defense team again [NYP]