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And Now Some Mockery

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I am now going to take a mock CFA exam. In order to replicate actual testing conditions as closely as possible without leaving my apartment, I will do the following:

1. Spend 2 hours* on the first session (120 questions)
2. Lunch, beer
3. Spend 2 hours on the second session (120 questions). Another beer.
4. Check answers, post results
5. Mockery. Another beer.

The CFA's commitment to "past performance does not reflect future results" extends to its own products, saying "Performance on a mock exam should not be used in any way to predict performance on the actual exam." But you and I know better. So tell me:

1. If I get a passing score on this, should I expect to pass?
2. What, um, is a passing score? 70%? 50%? Something else? Should I know that already?

* Yes, the actual thing is 3 hours per half, but who has time for that?