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Bloomberg: Jon Corzine Chose Not To Get Drunk And Unload His Problems On A Group Of Unsuspecting Bankers Night Before Q3 Results Came Out

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But you can imagine what it would've been like if he had, right? [Slurring] "We're sooo preggo with Euro debt it's not even funny. Might have to use client funds for collateral. I'm serious." [Spills wine on guy to his right, attempts to wipe it up before having hand shoved away.]

The night before MF Global Holdings Ltd. posted its biggest quarterly loss, triggering a 48 percent stock plunge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jon Corzine appeared at a steak dinner at New York’s Helmsley Park Lane Hotel for a speech to a group of bankers and traders. “There was no sense at all that there was impending doom,” Kenneth Polcari, a managing director of ICAP Corporates, said of Corzine’s Oct. 24 address to the National Organization of Investment Professionals. “He gave a spectacular speech” about his decades at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, life as a U.S. senator and New Jersey governor and his return to the private sector... Before the speech, Moody’s cut MF Global’s credit ratings to the lowest investment grade. Polcari said there was one reference to Corzine’s “difficult” day. While he was “cordial” and “positive,” the MF Global chief lacked his typical “sharp bounce,” Shields said.

That we were robbed of the opportunity for a blow by blow of JSC not realizing he'd been cut off by the bartender who gave him a coke after ordering a 7&7, confusedly telling the guy "This is just you not know how to make a 7&7?" and thinking he actually didn't, before leaning in close to whisper "my company is in the toilet" and then asking an attendee waiting to get a drink, "What are you looking at?" is the most shocking and galling detail to emerge from this whole MF Global thing to date. Really. How dare he do this to us.

Corzine Steak Dinner Speech Gave No Hint of ‘Doom’ [Bloomberg]


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