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Charlie Gasparino Almost Got His Brains Blown Out For Breaking News During The Financial Crisis, But Not Literally

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During the financial crisis, the markets were on edge. This was before the big firms blew up, I remember saying on the air, "Well, you're going to get some commentary from teh ratings agencies." The companies that were insuring all the big banks just didn't have the money to insure them. So basically they all lost their triple-A ratings. I said that and the market moved 200 points. I remember walking into San Pietro, a restaurant in Manhattan where a lot of these guys had lunch and I saw Jack Welch, who came up to me and said, "Charlie, you're doing great but watch this whole notion of moving the markets. Just watch it or you'll get your brains blown out." I said, "Literally?" He said, "No, but it's a dangerous, dangerous thing." [New Canaan-Darien Magazine]