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Confidential To Any Future "On-Again, Off-Again, Non-Exclusive" Girlfriends Of George Soros: Don't Make Yourself At Home

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Back in August, a woman who George Soros had either conducted "a serious meaningful relationship" that lasted five years or had had an “on-again, off-again and non-exclusive intimate relationship," depending on who you ask, sued the billionaire. Adriana Ferreyr was upset about a whole bunch of stuff, including that fact that he apparently used to make her sit at the kids' table. The basis of her lawsuit, however, focused on the promise Soros allegedly made to buy her a “dream home” at 30 East 85th Street before "heartlessly" dumping her a few days after the contract was signed. Ferreyr was pretty pissed about the situation but, as these things go, the duo “briefly reconciled for a romantic night together” during which Jorge supposedly had the Soroses to “whisper in her ear” that he’d given the keys to her dream house to another one of his gal-pals. Adriana also claimed that after she aired her displeasure with Soros' decision to give away her apartment, he slapped her across the face and "proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her...then allegedly tempted to strike her with a glass lamp narrowly missing though cutting her foot." According to Soros's lawyer, this is all fiction dreamed up by someone looking for a free ride.

Blasting Ferreyr’s claim in her court filing that Soros was obligated to buy her an apartment as “patently preposterous,” the papers state that she “may have been disappointed that Soros moved onto other women, ending her hopes of living in an extravagant ‘dream apartment’ for free.” [The assault] claim is blasted by Soros as “odious and utterly baseless.” His lawyers argue the police report shows that the lamp “fell on [Ferreyr’s] right foot,” adding it makes no mention of choking and she told police, “She was not fearful of Soros.” But Ferreyr’s lawyer, Robert Hantman, told us, “These are chauvinistic and simplistic statements which are devoid of any reality.”

While we have no intimate knowledge of the situation vis-à-vis who's telling the truth and who's telling lies here, as a thought experiment for the group, perhaps we can explore the question of why Georgie is still carrying on with this whole thing? Obviously when he decided to put the "on-again, off-again non-exclusive relationship" on ice, he could have just let Ferreyr keep the apartment, as it amounted to less than pocket change for him; he also could have, by this point, chosen to settle, rather than letting it all play out publicly. Is the refusal to do so in either case a conscious decision by Soros to send a message to any would-be on-again, off-again non-exclusive girlfriends that apartments don't grow on trees? And that when their time together is over, they shan't expect any parting gifts, nor should they expect him to roll over and take it when said assets are demanded of him, like he's the god damn apartment fairy? And that he hears, and this is a direct quote, "Hoboken is lovely this time of year"?

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2005-2010: George Soros has a relationship of debatable seriousness depending on who you ask with a woman named Adriana Ferreyr. (According to Ferreyr, it was a "serious and meaningful relationship," while according to Soros, things were “on-again, off-again and non-exclusive.") Ferrreyr is promised her "dream apartment" on East 85th Street. Summer 2010: Several days after the contract on the apartment is signed, Soros "heartlessly dumps" Ferreyr, which means no dream apartment for her. Approximately a week later: The duo "briefly reconcile for a romantic night together." A few hours later: Soros "whispers in Ferreyr's ear" that another woman, Tamikoa Bolton, is living in her apartment. Ferreyr expresses strong displeasure at this fact. Soros supposedly slaps Ferreyr across the face and attempts "to strike her with a glass lamp, narrowly missing." August 2011: Ferreyr demands $50 million for broken promises re: dream apartments, makes allegations re: lamps. Later in August 2011: Soros strongly denies accusations, refuses to pony up squat. February 2012: Ferryr refuses to settle for $250,000, court date is set for early May April 30, 2012: OH NO, HE DI'INT: Billionaire George Soros made a rare public appearance with his younger girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, hours before a court date with his ex, Adriana Ferreyr. Soros, 81, and Bolton, 39, were photographed together at a Paley Center screening of “The Intouchables” Monday night, marking the first time they’ve stepped out in public as a couple. Bolton resides in the $1.9 million apartment which Ferreyr says Soros promised her, and which she’s suing over. Soros and Bolton’s sudden public appearance, meantime, seemed like a statement (or a show of unity) the night before a hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court. May 1, 2012: [Guessing] Bolton shows up to the courthouse with Soros sipping coffee out of china from the apartment and wiping her hands on the monogrammed towels ("AF & GS") that mistakenly delivered the week after she moved in. May 3, 2012: ??? Soros And Gal Pal Step Out [NYP]