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Dear Pershing Square Investors: We're All In This Together

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Sure, Bill could let himself get upset about how things are panning out this year but he's not. And if anyone should be freaking out about the way things are going, you'd better believe it's him. He's got mucho personal dinero tied up in this thing and if it goes down big time, it's gonna be good-bye weekly Target shopping sprees, hello can I fill out a job JCPenney job application. And yet here he is, no freak outs, no panicking, no how am I going to get myself out of this. Everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about. If you were invested with a manager like, for instance, John Paulson, then you could worry. Then it'd be totally understandable to consider yourself fucked- big time. Luckily for you, though, you're with Pershing and at Pershing, we focus on the big picture. Rome wasn't built in a day and places like Family Dollar aren't going to become premier shopping destinations without a little patience. So: Do. Not. Worry. About. Your. Money. All is good. Take a deep breath, calm down, and dry those eyes. We're all in this together and if Bill's not crying, you shouldn't be either.

Pershing Square Third Quarter Letter To Investors [PDF]


Bill Ackman: Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads

The principal weakness we share with most other money managers is the fact that our capital base is not permanent, and we therefore keep cash on hand and/or own passive liquid investments which we can sell to meet potential investor demands for capital. To address this weakness in our open end hedge fund structure, later this year, we intend to launch the private phase of Pershing Square Holdings, Ltd., which we expect to eventually list on the London Stock Exchange...In [the cases of Canadian Pacific, JC Penney, Justice Holdings and General Growth], we had the resources to effectuate the necessary change and the capital commitment from investors who were willing to wait for the changes to be implemented. During the course of each investment, however, there have been periods of enormous skepticism both from the investing public at large and, presumably, from some of you who are invested in the Funds...The Pershing Square funds have been a large beneficiary of our ability to take advantage of periodic market skepticism by increasing our ownership at more favorable prices. Volatility is the friend of the unleveraged long-term investor. We much prefer the bumpy road to higher rates of return than a smoother ride to more modest profits. Pershing Square Q12012 Letter To Investors [PDF]