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FYI, It's Never The Wrong Time To Insist On A Correction Re: Your Net Worth

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These things are important, for Forbes lists and general prestige. Dhiraj Arora knows what we're talking about.

Indian “spice king” Dhiraj Arora went on a bizarre rampage at the famed Midtown hotel, traipsing naked through the workout facility after sucking down tequila and then taunting the police, law-enforcement sources told The Post...Arora, a spice importer who stocks the shelves of stores like Fairway and Whole Foods, made a dash of shame to his room and locked the door. When cops came knocking, he opened his door with the latch still on and cried out, “Peek-a-boo!’’ according to law-enforcement source. Hotel staffers had to cut the latch before cops scooped up Arora and carted him off to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. “If you don’t open the door, we’re going to bust it down!” said Arora, quoting the cops. “I was in my underwear with the music playing, ready to rock, and the next thing I know I’m being escorted out by two female police officers. One had a gun pointed at me.

Sources said he barked at Midtown North officers to “suck my million-dollar c--k!” -- though Arora insisted to The Post that the comment was “suck my $57 million-dollar d--k!.”

Indian 'spice king' 'went on naked rampage' at Four Seasons [NYP]


Warren Buffett Wants To Get One Thing Straight: He Loves A Good Booze Cruise

Earlier this month, Denis Abrams, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway-owned Benjamin Moore was fired, because, one story claimed, he'd arranged a "corporate trip to Bermuda on the company tab," which included an "island dinner cruise aboard a yacht some believed was owned by singer Jimmy Buffett." According to Warren Buffett, however, such is not the case and any suggestion otherwise is downright offensive. Abrams was fired over a "strategy disagreement" and, more importantly, Buffett would never can anyone for mixing it  up on a booze cruise, a point he cannot stress enough, in case anyone out there was considering not inviting him to their next bash. "The recent story coupling a top management convocation on a boat with the decision to make a management change at Benjamin Moore is completely false," Mr. Buffett wrote in the letter. "I had never heard of the boat trip prior to reading about it in the paper on June 14. There was no reason for you to let me know about the meeting and, if you had, I would have had no objection to it at all." We clear? Buffett Gets Hands-On At Benjamin Moore [WSJ]