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Hedge Fund Founder Sued For Telling Employees How He Really Feels

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One of the most difficult and important part of being a hedge fund manger is the constant need to come up with new, outside the box ideas. This is, of course, crucial specifically with regard to investment ideas but also just generally, there is the never-ending pressure to maintain freshness in all matters of business. For instance, keeping employees motivated, hungry and on their toes. If you're Don Brownstein, you (allegedly) "walk around a crowded conference room table while slapping the palm of [your] hand with a baseball bat, stopping behind traders while stating 'The only way you can leave this firm is in a body bag.'" If you're another luminary of the investing world, you go with white board markers as a means of positive or negative reinforcement, one marker good, two markers bad, respectively. If you're John Duffield, who is being sued by a former employee for bullying, you suggest that the staff you employ does not act in compliance with the law and wonder aloud a) how they can look themselves in the mirror and b) whether or not they have any remorse for disappointing you, 'cause they should.

Duffield “called the fund managers morons and criminals,” including Evershed, Romney said. He “asked if they were ashamed of themselves when their funds performed poorly” and was “angry, antagonistic and unpleasant.”

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