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Mayor Bloomberg Knows What It's Like To Yearn For Change, Would Like To Impart Some Wisdom On Wall Street Protesters Re: Strategy

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Since the demonstration known as Occupy Wall Street began nearly fifty days ago, Mayor Bloomberg has publicly stated on numerous occasions that protesters stationed in Lower Manhattan have the constitutional right to remain there, and so long as no laws are being broken, he'll allow them to do so. At the same time, Hizzoner has mentioned on other occasions that, personally, if it were him, he'd 1) realize that not all of the demands may be realistic and reevaluate what he was asking for (like the time he desperately wanted to outlaw the publication of photos in which he appeared looking bloated, before stepping back and realizing it probably wasn't an achievable goal, as frustrating as it was) and 2) more generally, use different tactics to get what he wanted.

“My personal view is, why don’t you get out there and try to do something about the things that you don’t like, create the jobs that we are lacking, rather than just yell and scream,” Mr. Bloomberg said Thursday. “But if you want to yell and scream, we’ll make sure you can do it.”

Yes, he will protect OWS's constitutional rights to the death but, really, he speaks from experience when he says, consider a new tack. When he wanted to get rid of salt, did he do it by yelling and screaming? When he wanted to run indoor smoke out of town, did he do it by sleeping in a tent? When he wanted to ban term limits for people named Michael Bloomberg, did he do it by banging on a drum? No, no and no. And now look at him- ruling a city where salt and smoke and sodium cower in his presence. He's just sayin- there are other ways.

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