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MF Global Customer Funds Were Not Used In Connection With This Portrait

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Does anyone have anything they'd like to say to Jon Corzine but have had a difficult time getting in touch? You're in luck. Geoffrey Raymond, the artist who’s done everyone from Jimmy Cayne, Dick Fuld, Alan Greenspan (collectively known as “The Greats”) to Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Bernanke and, most recently, Lenny Dykstra, has a new painting out. Titled "Corzine Agonistes," it appears to be Raymond's commentary on Corzine's life post-MF Global, in which he develops eczema and gets a bowl cut. But it's not finished without your help.

Raymond has requested that DealBreaker readers submit any words about JSC they’d like to share at this time, which he will add to the canvas. Afterwards, he'll start the bidding at 85k. Act quickly, before Hank Paulson, who's always looking for something to get his fire started this winter on cold nights, beats you to it.


Don't Let Opportunity To Dress Yourself Exclusively In MF Global-Branded Apparel Pass You By

Waxing nostalgic for the dearly departed brokerage firm? Don't have any connection to the place or sentimental feelings for it whatsoever but in need of a new wardrobe? You're in luck. An online auction of MF Global "memorabilia" is being held through Wednesday and all shit must go! Between the t-shirts, windbreakers, and stadium blanket that can double as pants, you've got a whole outfit. Want to get a jump start on Christmas gifts for your colleagues but don't want to break the bank? Nothing will say "I really enjoy working with you" quite like MF Global mugs, hats, pens, mouse pads, sticky notes, and "blue bags containing tissues." Finally, the crown jewel of the lot are the "light up bouncy balls with MF Global logo." Don't let yourself be outbid. HyperAMS Releases Video Preview for MF Global Bankruptcy Auction: Fine Art, CBOT Vintage Clacker Board, Memorabilia [Equities via BI]