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Mike Bloomberg: You Can Take Unlimited Bathroom Breaks Or You Can Actually Make Something Of Yourself. Your Call.

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Maybe you're a first-year analyst at Goldman Sachs who'd like to run the place. Maybe you're a SAC trader who wants to be the next Steve. Maybe you're the CEO of JPMorgan, though you'd prefer the title of Mr. Treasury Secretary. Maybe you're a mega successful hedge fund manager who dreams of breeding dogs and, one day, taking your best dog to Alaska to run and win the Iditorad in record time, with you driving. You've all got a dream but the question is, how are you going to make it happen? If you really want to know, Mike Bloomberg will tell you. The first thing you're gonna do, the Mayor said in an recent interview, is you're gonna stop being afraid. You're not going to have a defeatist attitude that causes you to miss out on things. You're going to seize every day as an opportunity and you're going to realize that every situation has an upside if you look hard enough. Sayeth Hizzoner:

"You have that drive to look at the bright side. There's never been a day I haven't looked forward to going into work- even the days I knew I was going to get beat up, even the day I knew I was going to get fired...I had never been fired before and wondered what it was like-I thought okay, let's go find out."

Second, and most importantly, you're going to put in the time. Now, Mike knows that anyone can spout off vague cliches about working hard and blah, blah, blah. He's not here to do that. He's here to tell you to keep your ass glued to that god damn chair and not get up for anything. Not fresh air, not lunch, not to take a leak. Think he's not speaking literally? Think again! He doesn't care if you're about to piss your pants or if you have a family history of kidney failure. You get out of that chair and it's over.

“I am not smarter than anybody else but I can out work you – and my key to success for you, or anybody else is make sure you are the first one in there every day and the last one to leave. Don’t ever take a lunch break or go to the bathroom, you keep working. You don’t ever know when that opportunity is going to come along.”

Don't look back thirty years from now and realize you pissed it away. You can take a bathroom break when you're dead.

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