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Silvio Berlusconi To Wrap It Up In The Next Few Weeks

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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has told President Giorgio Napolitano that he will resign after the new budget law currently making its way through parliament is approved, the head of state's office said in a statement on Tuesday. The budget law is expected to be passed by the end of this month, but its passage might now be accelerated. Napolitano said Berlusconi was aware of the consequences of a vote in parliament on Tuesday in which his centre-right coalition failed to secure a majority in the lower house. It said he had noted the urgent necessity of seeing the new budget law approved in parliament. [Reuters]


A Running List Of Things That Do It For Silvio Berlusconi

Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which knowledge pertaining to the arousal triggers of the former Italian prime minister would come in handy, whether it's bar trivia night or one of his bunga bunga parties, try and remember that Silvio likes prostitutes dressed as: 1. Nuns 2. Communists 3. President Obama One of the young women who attended Silvio Berlusconi's "bunga bunga" parties told a court on Friday that she dressed up as a burlesque version of U.S. President Barack Obama to entertain the former Italian prime minister. In testimony during a trial against the 75-year-old Berlusconi on charges of paying for sex with an underage prostitute, Marysthell Polanco said she had also dressed as prosecutor Ilda Boccassini. Boccassini, known as "Ilda the Red" because of her hair color and what Berlusconi says is her communist political sympathies, is one of the prosecutors in the ongoing trial. "I dressed up as Boccassini with a toga to make him laugh, and also as Obama," Polanco told the court...Previous witnesses who attended his parties painted a more sordid picture, including nudity, mimicked sex, and one described two women wearing nasty versions of nuns' habits performing a raunchy pole dance. Hope this helps. Berlusconi party girl says masqueraded as Obama [Reuters Earlier: Former Italian Prime Minister Loved A Good Costume Party