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Tell George Soros Something He Doesn't Know

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At their best, these [pre-Thanksgiving] reunions are a chance for old friends to catch up. At their worst, they are the source of the moniker "Blackout Wednesday" in some hard-partying bars. Either way, these gatherings have made the Wednesday before Thanksgiving one of the biggest party nights of the year. "That night is even bigger than New Year's Eve," says James Brown, owner of San Pedro Brewing Co., a neighborhood brew pub outside Los Angeles. It's a see-and-be-seen kind of night," he says. "In the suburbs, the night is absolutely the biggest night of the year," says Drew Zuccarini, manager. "That Wednesday night has grown into the pinnacle event of the holiday weekend," says Ken Henricks of Bottleneck Management Group, which owns four Chicago-area bars. "It used to be, 'Oh, let's get together Wednesday because it's convenient.' " Now, he says, "for a certain demographic it has become an institution." [WSJ]


Bill Gross Doesn't Need George Soros Or His Stinking $500 Million

But someone else's, now that Soros has pulled his, would be nice.