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Wall Street Wives Promises Not To Rub People's Faces In It

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Back in July we learned that a long-held dream was in reach: Lisa Maria Falcone and her singing, swinging, and generally dazzling pig, Wilbur F. Falcone (*the 'f' stands for Fucking-fabulous), in our living room, every week. Wall $treet Wives was coming to town. Not too soon after that, said dream was shattered. The preliminary cast for the new reality TV show was announced, and it included neither Lisa nor Wilbur and not even a glimpse of Phil. Instead, we got New Canaan resident Devon Flemming, the wife of a Deutsche Bank wealth manager who, during the crisis, "made a fortune, lost a fortune, and learned valuable lessons through it all," Melissa Matthes, who is married to a hedge fund manager and teaches religion at Yale Divinity School, Yvonne Evelyn, who is "married to a successful Wall Streeter and is among the few black power couples in finance," Lisa Najarian, who is married to a Fast Money contributor, a Handelsbanken executive (whose husband is “an unemployed Wall Street financier/Spanish playboy”), a broke and divorced clothing designer, a young Australian married to “a successful young Wall Street financier,” and a real estate agent whose appearance “will add visual interest.” At the time, we expressed our disappointment and put a plea out into the universe that Fleming would at least come with a goat who plays the trombone. That did not happen. Having said that, the show has apparently added a potential je ne sais quoi element to the mix.

Dianne Passage. The soon-to-be divorced wife of convicted Ponzi schemer Ken Starr, who currently supports herself by kicking men in the balls for $100 a pop and "as a woman, reserves the right to act bitchy on occasion," has reportedly signed on. In related W$W news, creator Fleming said today that the show will go below the surface, in case anyone presumed otherwise.

She's quick to emphasize that the show won’t just be about the bling. In addition to some Ferragamo loafers and Benzes, we’ll certainly also get to see people who are insecure about their financial standing — and we might even witness a job loss or a foreclosure. “It’s not just, ‘let’s rub our excess wealth in the noses of people who can't pay their heating bill,’” Fleming said.

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