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Write-Offs: 11.07.11

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$$$Ex-ECB's Papademos Front-Runner for Greek Prime Minister [Reuters]

$$$Paulson to Cash In on Delphi IPO [WSJ]

$$$"Where are the adults in the room? It's just so convoluted, so disjointed," said Mr. Morrison, an independent trader who says he had less than $100,000 in his MF Global account. "All I know is, it could have been done differently." [WSJ]

$$$ Krawcheck: Wall Street needs women, younger clients to compete [Reuters]

$$$Can a Technocrat Save Greece? [NetNet/John Carney]

$$$BofA To Sell Pizza Hut Stake [WSJ]

$$$Unloved Treasury Notes Becoming Investor Favorite in Fed’s Operation Twist [Bloomberg via Heidi Moore]

$$$Doctor Found Guilty in Michael Jackson’s Death [NYTimes]


Write-Offs: 02.27.13

$$$ Senate approves Lew as new Treasury chief [Reuters] $$$ J.C. Penney Posts Large Loss as Sales Sink Further [WSJ] $$$ Wall Street Junk Kings Selling Debt Poised to Lose Value [Bloomberg] $$$ Volcker Rule Could Be Delayed — Again [WSJ] $$$ Occupy the SEC is suing to force regulators to work faster on the Volcker Rule [Occupy the SEC] $$$ MBAs Assemble a Malm Bed from IKEA [YouTube / Wharton Follies] $$$ Citi Private Bank is looking for a senior taxable fixed income portfolio manager in Stamford [DBCC] $$$ Delaware Finds Reverse Triangular Mergers Aren't Assignments [Deal Lawyers] $$$ Calpers Claims Victory in Apple Vote That Didn’t Happen [Deal Journal] $$$ "If a bank's cost of funding went up idiosyncratically, the borrower got penalized. If a bank was suddenly considered a big credit risk, it's borrowers paid the premium." [NetNet / John Carney] $$$ 'Marijuana cannon' used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico [Guardian] $$$ Sallie Krawcheck: Going To An All-Girls School Was Tougher Than Working On Wall Street [The Jane Dough]