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Write-Offs: 11.09.11

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$$$French and Germans explore idea of smaller euro zone (Reuters)

$$$Jefferson County, Alabama, Votes to Declare Biggest Municipal Bankruptcy (Bloomberg)

$$$Millionaires list favourite fund managers (Reuters)

$$$ “We do not admit the allegations,” Karp said, to laughter in the standing-room-only courtroom. “But if it’s any consolation, we don’t deny them.” (Bloomberg)

$$$ "Is working for a bank inherently evil? Probably not." (DealBook)

$$$MF Sold $1.5 Billion in European Debt in Final Days (WSJ)

$$$Deal on new Greek PM falls through (FT)

$$$Bloomberg defends 'law-abiding' Wall St. protesters (NYDN)

$$$ But Governor Cuomo Blames ‘Extremist Groups on Steroids’ For Anti-Wall Street Sentiment (NYO)

$$$ "I can tell you unequivocally that the Obama Administration is not taxing Christmas trees." (ABC)