Write-Offs: 11.09.11


$$$French and Germans explore idea of smaller euro zone (Reuters)

$$$Jefferson County, Alabama, Votes to Declare Biggest Municipal Bankruptcy (Bloomberg)

$$$Millionaires list favourite fund managers (Reuters)

$$$ “We do not admit the allegations,” Karp said, to laughter in the standing-room-only courtroom. “But if it’s any consolation, we don’t deny them.” (Bloomberg)

$$$ "Is working for a bank inherently evil? Probably not." (DealBook)

$$$MF Sold $1.5 Billion in European Debt in Final Days (WSJ)

$$$Deal on new Greek PM falls through (FT)

$$$Bloomberg defends 'law-abiding' Wall St. protesters (NYDN)

$$$ But Governor Cuomo Blames ‘Extremist Groups on Steroids’ For Anti-Wall Street Sentiment (NYO)

$$$ "I can tell you unequivocally that the Obama Administration is not taxing Christmas trees." (ABC)


Write-Offs: 09.26.12

$$$ IMF, EU clash over Greece's bailout prospects [Reuters] $$$ No Prison Time Likely For Accused Manhattan Madam [WSJ] $$$ U.K. authorities arrested a former Credit Suisse investment banker on Wednesday in connection with U.S. allegations that he and others at the Swiss bank conspired to inflate the values of mortgage bonds during the financial crisis. [WSJ] $$$ U.S. Banks’ Leverage Should Be Halved to Cut Risks, Bair Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Man pulled over by cops blames reckless driving on pet squirrel [DM] $$$ Hong Kong Tycoon Seeks Husband for Lesbian Daughter [GP] $$$ Bank of America VP Called Seahawks’ Disputed Touchdown Pass [Bloomberg] $$$ Rumble On the Docks: Contract Pits Pinstriped Pinheads Against Roughneck Roustabouts [NYO] $$$ Poll: Romney Ahead in Presidential Race, Say Replacement Refs [New Yorker]