Write-Offs: 11.14.11

$$$Merkel urges stronger union to back euro [FT]

$$$A Wave of Partner Retirements at Goldman Sachs [DealBook]

$$$Credit Suisse’s Long-Term Rating May Be Reduced by Moody’s [Bloomberg]

$$$Where Big Investors Put Their Money In Latest Quarter [Reuters/CNBC]

$$$Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'facing arrest over prostitution racket allegations’ [Telegraph]

$$$UniCredit announces €7.5bn cash call [FT]

$$$Players Reject NBA's Offer, Begin to Disband Union [WSJ]

$$$In Defense of Insider Trading on Capital Hill [NetNet]

$$$Introducing the Keep America Safe Job-Creating Congress ETF [FTAV]

$$$ The document also featured a “reasons for filing this report” section where the person could check boxes by the relevant issues, including “I am thin skinned,” “I have woman like hormones” and “I am a cry baby.” [ABC News]


Write-Offs: 03.02.12

$$$ Facebook Adds Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank on IPO [Bloomberg] $$$ Goldman CEO Blankfein deposed in insider case [Reuters] $$$ Greek Official Warns Debt Holdouts [DealBook] $$$ Yelp Stock Price Jumps 60 Percent In Its Debut [CNBC] $$$ Here is a fashion writer's detailed critique of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's lawyer's claim that it's hard to recognize a naked prostitute [Slate, earlier] $$$ You could be a Senior Director covering REITS for Fitch Ratings [DBCC] $$$ Iceland is considering adopting the Canadian dollar [Globe and Mail] $$$ U.S. seeks dismissal of Hank Greenberg's lawsuit on AIG takeover [Reuters] $$$ John Lanchester talks about why there's so little fiction about money [FT] $$$ And when making such comparisons between economics and physical science, there’s yet another point: what we call “microfoundations” are not like physical laws. Heck, they’re not even true. Maximizing consumers are just a metaphor, possibly useful in making sense of behavior, but possibly not. [Paul Krugman] $$$ Hoboken Steels for Wave of Drunken Revelers [Bloomberg] $$$ "You can all start creating a beautiful grey market now. Enjoy the weekend." [Overheard]

Write-Offs: 06.26.12

$$$ Plans to Ease Euro Crisis Are Ambitious but Long-Term [NYT] $$$ European fiscal union and adverse selection [Scott Sumner] $$$ The twilight of the central banker [Economist / Ryan Avent] $$$ Best Buy Founder Weighs Buyout [WSJ] $$$ The crown prince of Dubai came to New York and ate a $1,000 ice cream sundae [NYP] $$$ BlackRock is looking for a real estate securities portfolio manager [DBCC] $$$ As Nomura Investors Meet, Strategy, Insider-Trade Probe to Take Center Stage [WSJ] $$$ Qatar turns on Glencore-Xstrata terms [FT] $$$ What’s been pushing up US repo rates? [FTAV] $$$ Man Charged with Felony Assault with a Dangerous Weapon for Throwing McDonald’s French Fries in Stepdaughter’s Face [Gawker]