Area Man Successfully Identifies Bank Of America's Achilles' Heel


Are you frustrated with Bank of America? Do you have one simple request, but have found it impossible to get through to anyone? Do you feel like no one's listening? Maybe you're an employee who wants to have a frank talk about bonuses, and if you can expect to get one this year. Maybe you're a homeowner who doesn't want to get wrongfully foreclosed on and have your beloved parrot stolen, again. Maybe you're a shareholder who's been begging for a dividend increase. Maybe you're an ex-CEO named Ken who just wants a tiny little bit of office space out of which to run the party promoting business you recently started with your friend Ang Moz. Whatever your desire, consider taking a page from Ken Williams' playabook. He tried going through the normal channels to get what he wanted and then cut the shit and got serious, by appealing to BofA's serious love of snappy tunes.

For more than 70 days, Williams said he and his wife sat in limbo as Bank of America missed three closing dates on the home they wanted to buy in Decatur. The bank, he said, wouldn't return calls or emails. Staring at a potential fourth missed closing date on Friday and the prospect of being charged daily fees by the seller, Williams vented his frustration in song. Last weekend Williams wrote and recorded a music video he posted Sunday afternoon on YouTube. He also has a blog. “Bank of America, you’re making me so mad. I want to buy this house, really bad,” Williams sings in “Close This Loan,” a song modeled after “You’ve Got It Going On,” a tune from the HBO series "Flight of the Conchords." “My credit score is 798. Don’t worry ’cause my payments will never be late,” Williams sings. He also tells the bank he wants a place for his cats and a garden gnome...Bank of America said Thursday evening the loan will close this time. “We apologize for the delay in closing Mr. Williams’ loan,” the bank said in a statement. “We are on target to close his loan [Friday]. For the inconvenience, we have provided him a credit at closing.”

Here's what finally got them to come around:

Just something to think about.

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