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Did Occupy Wall Street Mess With The Wrong Writers?

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As fans of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit know, many episodes of the drama are often loosely based on crimes that have been "ripped from the headlines." Over the summer, SVU shot its Dominique Strauss-Kahn show and last Friday, it attempted to roll the tape on an Occupy Wall Street ep. Unfortunately, a crucial scene that was to take place in Zuccotti Park, OWS's old stomping grounds, was interrupted by real protestors, angry at being made into a storyline (which, according to the writers, was going to "portray OWS in a sympathetic light"). The show's filming permit was revoked and the shoot was scrapped. Yesterday, the Writers Guild of America, East issued an open letter expressing its disappointment at the turn of events, especially given WGAE and the SVU team's public support of OWS.

...we were disappointed to learn that last week people associated with Occupy Wall Street disrupted the set of an episode of Law & Order: SVU, written and produced by members of the WGAE, and crewed by other entertainment industry union members. The demonstrators’ actions were as misguided and inappropriate as the City of New York’s response – revoking Law & Order’s permit for the shoot and directing the dismantling of its set. Presumably the protesters and police did not set out to achieve a common end but together they prevented the scene from being filmed and the story from being told.

Obviously the question at this time is, how pissed is Law & Order? Is the whole thing water under the bridge or can we expect an upcoming episode to, instead of portraying OWS in a sympathetic light, center around a protestor who by day airs his grievances with Wall Street and by night gets nonconsensual with goats who he calls "mom" while crying and raping them? Because clearly their hand has been forced.

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