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Don't Even Entertain The Thought Of Serving Jon Corzine With A Lawsuit While He's On His Break

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As you may have heard, today is Jon Corzine's third day testifying in Washington about the whole MF Global thing. All morning and this afternoon have been devoted to questioning by the House Financial Services Committee, with a couple of the standard 15 minute recesses sprinkled in. In fact, there was one not too long ago. You know what Corzine uses his break time for? Grabbing a snack. Shooting the breeze. Taking a piss. Watching YouTube clips. Telling himself "You, got this, Jon," in the bathroom mirror. You know what he doesn't use it for? Being served with papers from some messenger boy on behalf of some jerk trying to sue him. Thinking about testing him on this? DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

[via Clusterstock]


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