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Getting Facials Will Get You Further On Wall Street

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Today we're going to talk about something really important: your beauty routines. What you do to look good, what buy to look better. Hard numbers re: what kind of coin you're dropping on toners and moisturizers. Thinking about claiming you don't use any of that crap? Let's not play that game. You're slathering $95 eye cream on your bags and you're liking it.

Mr. Sullivan can rattle off a half-dozen creams that make up his daily routine: StriVectin moisturizer, Kiehl’s Abyssine Night Eye Cream, Kiehl’s Facial Fuel, something called Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Ball Roller from L’Oréal. All in all, he estimates that he spends about $600 a year on such products. “I feel this is a small way to compensate,” he said.

Sales of premium skin-care products for men jumped 5 percent that year, and have risen another 12 percent so far in 2011, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. Women buying products for men account for only 25 percent of those sales: most of the time, men buy these products for themselves....there is once again a demand among men for high-end skin-care products, in spite of a morbid economy and high unemployment. Or maybe because of it. The reason, beauty analysts say, is a changing attitude among men, who now associate healthy-looking skin less with vanity than with professionalism. At a time when job security is at a low, they say, men do not have to work in front of a camera to place a higher premium on being presentable. “Men today say they feel they have to look better to be competitive,” said Celeste Hilling, the founder and chief executive of Skin Authority, a brand of skin creams that introduced a men’s line in 2010.

So, walk us through it. Does the Ice Cold Ball Roller have a place in your cabinet? What's the standard routine and what do you to punch things up on days when you're trying to land a big deal, talk your way into a promotion and the like? How do you keep your pores tighter than the compensation committee during bonus season? For those who've been using beauty products to stay competitive for years, which one do you credit most with your success? What did you apply the morning you were told you'd been named CEO of Goldman Sachs? Is your skin collection larger than your significant other's? Is there one 'can't live without' item that you'd go circus freak crazy upon hearing the word 'discontinued'?

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