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Greenhill Managing Directors Die In Plane Crash

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There were also a wife, kids, and dog on board.

At least five people — three adults and two children — have died after a small plane crashed on Interstate 287 outside of Morris Township, according to State Police. A dog aboard the plane also was killed. There were no survivors, said State Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Jones. On board the private single-engine turbo-prop, according to a press release from a New York City investment bank, Greenhill & Co., were two of its managing directors, Jeffrey F. Buckalew, 45, and Rakesh Chawla, 36, both from New York City. The company said the aircraft “belonged to Mr. Buckalew, an experienced pilot whose passion was flying,” and that Buckalew’s wife, Corinne, and their two children, Jackson and Meriwether, were also on board.

Neighbors reported hearing a sound like an engine revving, then a loud whistling sound, like that of an incoming mortar, and finally the boom of the crash. "It shook the house," said Camilla Sivertsson, who lives on James Street. The plane appeared to nosedive and disintegrate as it fell toward 287, crashing near the entrance ramp on Harter Lane and exploding in a ball of flames.

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